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Our hand-selected team provides a quality of work that we are extremely proud of. Barry Homes attributes its' success to employing these dedicated professionals and to the relationships shared with clients that were built on trust and continue to flourish because of the integrity and quality demonstrated in each project. Together we create homes of the highest quality that are beautiful, functional, and as unique as you can imagine.

Innovative with modern building techniques, cutting edge design, and unique details to each project...

While we can certainly accommodate and bring to life any style of home that you can imagine, Barry Homes has an edge in home building unlike any other. With unmatched quality, attention to detail and functionality, a new home brings with it a lifestyle of comfort and ease. The needs of busy, modern families have changed from what they were in the past.

Barry Homes continues to innovate with modern building techniques, cutting edge design, and unique details to each project. Taking the time to really get to know our clients and what you need and want out of your home, is extremely important to us. We will work together as a team, to go beyond your expectations and build you not only a new home for your family today, but for your lifestyle for tomorrow.

We proudly build green.

We build by energuide standards, contact us to find out the great ways you can save money and make your new home energy efficient.

Great home builder

"Greg is a great home builder in Saskatoon. From our first meeting his passion for the work, his knowledge, his dedication and delivery of best craftsmanship was very clear. I am excited to recommend anyone to Barry Homes. "

— Kazi Mamun

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Barry Homes . is not an ordinary suit-and-tie-builder; we totally take a different approach when it comes to building a custom home. Apart from offering more than just a decently built home, we also tend to go deeper into coming up with the ideal home that will work with your preferences and needs. 

Leading Luxury & Custom Home Builder, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

As a hands-on and innovative developer based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Barry Homes . is involved with a variety of projects that include custom home building, plan designs, floor plans, design consulting, renovations and much more.

As a luxury home builder operating in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, we grow each project at a time while making sure that every new project is built with pure and unique standards. Our attention to detail and know-how when it comes to construction of homes and houses will see to it that all the developments are built according to the tastes and needs of our clients. 

As a leading custom builder in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, we strongly believe that luxury cannot be defined, in any way, by stature and cost of a particular project. Luxury can only be seen when there are quality and unmatched expertise in every aspect of the project. That's what we do at Barry Homes . 

Great Craftsmanship

For the years we have been serving the residents of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, we have established ourselves as a luxury home builder that pays great attention to the craftsmanship and the details of each home that we lay our hands on. We are the only custom home builder that undertakes contraction projects, which go beyond the highest standards of excellence and quality.

From floor plans that are out of this world to exemplary plan designs, and quartz counter designs to crown moldings, we simply have quality options that that is not available with any other service provider in the whole of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 

Turnkey Construction

At Barry Homes ., we give a new definition to the turnkey construction of homes and houses. We walk with all our clients every step of the way and ensure that they are not left behind. We have a team of professionals that will offer all the support for a custom home or any other construction project.

Our specialty as both a custom home builder and a luxury home builder is to make your dreams of owning a good house become a reality. We strongly believe that every homeowner should get customized attention with all his or her projects. This is the philosophy that has earned us the recognition and honor as the best custom home builder in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 

We have also earned a positive reputation as a luxury home builder that gives all buyers with any kind of price range an opportunity to customize their homes according to all their needs. We have been able to design some of the best floor plans for homes and houses because we carefully select the contractors, do all the procurement and ensuring that every aspect from the beginning to the end is closely monitored. This is the only way we have been able to ensure the satisfaction of all our home buyers across Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 

For a long time, we have been highly committed to customer satisfaction and excellence, something that is evident with all the construction projects we have undertaken. As a matter of fact, the needs of our esteemed customers and their satisfaction come right before the prices that we charge for our services.

Our commitment still remains providing the best customer services and making sure that all our clients receive the homes that they have been dreaming for. Get in touch with Barry Homes . and experience the excellence when it comes to custom home building.