Unique spaces to consider adding to your custom-built home in Saskatoon

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Why building a custom home? We have some valuable tips to share with you

Building a custom home offers many benefits that buying a pre-existing home does not. Homeowners are given the opportunity to fully customize their home to their needs including style of house, layout, material or product selection, colour selection, design selection, and much more. A professional home builder such as Barry Homes will help you incorporate as many unique and functional spaces to your home design to fully make it yours.

Building the wine storage for your custom home:

If you’re a wine connoisseur, adding a home wine space will definitely make your home stand out. Building a wine storage space in otherwise wasted space for example, under your stairwell by installing custom coolers and shelves is a great way to make use of this space. Barry Homes has created, and built many custom wine storage spaces in many of our homes, and will be sure to provide you with unique ideas for your wine storage space that’s tailored to you, and your budget! If you have more questions about in-house wine storage, feel free to contact us!

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Spa-Like Master Bathroom:

The best upgrades in your home should be made for you in your bathroom! Large master bathrooms with room for a large walk-in shower, and soaking tub will add a sense of luxury and relaxation to your home. Modern bathrooms with unique vanities, sinks, and other bonus features is an easy way for you to increase your home’s value as well. At Barry Homes, we design, build or renovate the perfect bathrooms that speak your style.

luxury home builder Saskatoon

Hidden Passageway:

The dream of every child who ever wanted to discover a secret passageway behind a bookshelf can be yours, and may cost much less than you would think too! Creating a hidden passageway can create a sense of ease knowing that you have a safe, and hidden place to go if your safety is ever at risk, or maybe, you just need a hidden space for yourself to unwind, and relax!

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Barry Homes works tirelessly to create the new custom homes that fit your budget

There may be people who shy away from building, and designing their own custom-built home due to budgetary concerns. The truth is that you can set a budget for your custom home, and Barry Homes will be there to ensure we remain on budget throughout the entire build duration. When you work with experienced custom home builders like Barry Homes, we will help you stay on track, and prevent you from breaking the bank!