Often Overlooked While Building a Custom Home in Saskatoon

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Often Overlooked While Building a Custom Home in Saskatoon

When building your brand new custom home in Saskatoon with Barry Homes, no detail is too small. We want to make the home truly custom to you. Here are a few things that are often overlooked by people wanting to build a custom home in Saskatoon.


Something that is often overlooked when choosing to build a custom home in Saskatoon, is the lot selection. People often take a long time to consider the actual lot, but miss some important factors that go along with the lot. These things include the utility hook ups, sewage, drainage, solid ground and logistics. While almost all lots now will have utility hookups, the question is usually, “What is easiest?”. The easiest version might not always be the type you’re settled on, and that can cause issues. The sewage issue usually comes down to the thought that most people have, that because you might be building in an already constructed area, that sewage is no problem. This isn’t always the case, as certain features about the individual lot, for example being on a hill, can change the outcome. Solid ground is a big one around the Regina area, you want to make sure that you are building your home on ground that can sustain the weight of your home, for the years to come. You don’t want to be building your dream home with Barry Homes, and then come to find out that the ground is unstable and have to move out. Drainage goes along with solid ground, as its important to make sure that all the snow that collects will be properly drained off the property, once it melts. Having puddles of water all over isn’t only an eyesore, but it can also damage the build. Lastly, is logistics. There’s a lot of questions to be asked when building a custom home. These questions are things such as the quality of the road leading to the lot, as the homeowner has to ensure that all supplies can be brought to the lot. This can help prevent surprise costs if you know the quality of things beforehand.


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Something else that is also often overlooked, is the choosing of the contractor. A lot of choices like this are done because of word of mouth. This doesn’t always work unfortunately, as you might want a different level of customization in your build. Some people are fine with choosing a pre designed structure from a showroom and building that, while other people want to be able to customize every little thing. Thankfully, Barry Homes in Saskatoon can do both. When choosing Barry, you choose the freedom to customize anything you want. Super important to have that breakfast nook for the Sunday morning pancakes? Barry Homes can provide that. Another part of this, is to make sure that the contractor you go with has the skills to pull off the customizations. Barry Homes has a team of highly skilled, very knowledgeable people who can carry out any kind of customizations.


The last, and possibly most important thing on this list is the legal details. Some people forget about all the paper work that comes with building a custom home. Barry Homes is accredited, and able to work as your insurance contractor too! This takes a lot of the stress out of your custom home build in Saskatoon.


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There’s a few things that often get overlooked when building a custom home, however working with the contractor from Barry Homes can make all of this go smoothly. Meeting your builders in person can really help to communicate the vision you have for your home. Barry Home’s contractors are experts in the field, so can go over everything with you, from design, to functionality, to resale and budget. Choosing the right contractor for you can make your build perfect, and run as smoothly as possible. At Barry Homes, there’s no detail that is too small to overlook.