Tips to prepare your house for winter in Saskatoon

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Preparing your house for winter

Making home improvement before the winter is a great way to reduce your heating bills and to make sure that you and your family are comfortable all winter. A good preparation can also be the difference between a pristine home and a damaged house. 

Preparing the House

The top of the house is usually more at risk to get damaged. You should start by giving a close inspection at the attic to make sure there is no moisture. You will want to stay vigilant for black deposits or mold on the insulation. Also look for smell mildew or water stains on the wood, those could be a sign of roof leaks. If you can see the sunlight through your roof, it’s also a bad sign! If, in the past, you’ve had ice accumulate on your roof, you might have an insulation problem, check for air leaks. If you have air leaks and the temperature in the attic is above freezing temperature, this may cause the snow to melt and create water leaks in your attic. As the ice melts, it could also re-freeze at the edge of your roof and over time, it can penetrate the wood along the eaves and create expensive damages. If you find any damage or potential problems, our team of experts at Barry Homes can help you with the repairs/improvements. Those little repairs/improvements, in the long run, can help you save a lot of money in heating or cooling bills and can help preserve your attic structural integrity. 

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Verify your windows

Even if you have quality windows (dual or triple pane), they might not be providing the full layer of insulation and windproofing that you need. A good way to test the effectiveness of the windows is to hold your hand against the inside part of the glass. You will need to inspect the window thoroughly if the inside glass pane feels cold. In the Saskatoon climate, home renovation or improvement for windows are worth the time and money investment. Our winters are known to be long and cold. Having efficient windows that trap the heat inside will significantly cut your energy bills and on the long run, those improvements will pay for themselves.  

Improve the Heat

Having a pristine and well adjusted furnace is not only safer and more efficient, it also cuts your heating bills. Our team of experts at Barry Homes can help you to bring your old furnace to its former glory. A professional inspection of your furnace will include a thorough clean, a complete check of the safety switches and functionality, as well as complete ajustement to make it work like it’s brand new. No matter who you choose for this inspection, make sure you demand a proof of maintenance because some manufacturer might ask for them to keep your furnace under warranty. 

Another important part of the winter preparation is to clean and inspect you wood stove or fireplace every year. It is not only a question of safety but also of efficiency. 

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At Barry Homes, we not only build dream houses but we also make sure that your home will be pristine for as long as possible. Those little tips will not only help you save money on heating and energy bills, but they will also ensure that you keep your home safe and efficient for your family. These little improvement will allow you to protect your house all year round against the cold and the wind. If you have any questions on how to protect your house or if you want to build a new home, don’t hesitate to contact us today!